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For The Week Of September 15, 2019 Through September 21, 2019

A Hilarious Twitter Account For House Staffers

By Zachary Gorchow
Posted: September 18, 2019 2:43 PM

Everyone needs some humor in their lives, especially on Twitter, where it pays to have a tweet here and a tweet there to lighten up one's feed amid the avalanche of serious news, invective and subtweets.

Oh, was that a subtweet itself? Oops.

Those in and around the Capitol have a newish diversion to enjoy on Twitter – Overheard in the HOB, or @HeardInTheHOB.

The HOB, for the 20 years it has existed, is the House Office Building, aka the Anderson House Office Building, the facility on North Capitol Avenue housing nearly all 110 members of the Michigan House of Representatives, much of the clerk staff, the staff of the House Business Office and most of the committee rooms where House committees meet. And like any office building, there are lots of inside jokes.

Sometime in June, someone – it's unclear who – created the Overheard in the HOB Twitter account. It does seem clear whoever is running the account is a Democrat, but for the most part, the tweets are nonpartisan.

We don't know for certain that the anecdotes tweeted from this account are real. Names of those quoted or involved in the stories are not included. But they certainly ring true. And they are funny.

Like this one:

Or this:

This one in particular cracked me up (and who can't relate to this, plus bonus points for DeLuca's reference):

The next couple weeks are going to be tough with the budget showdown. The possibility of a government shutdown is hovering over the legislative staff, most of whom are underpaid (and there's an amusing poll on that subject the account tweeted). The partisan back-and-forth will be endless.

Whoever created Overheard in the HOB, thank you for supplying a little levity.

Otherwise, where would we get content like this?

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